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AUTOMATIC ENCODING DETECTION problem PeterX  07/02/06 04:00 PM

I'm puzzled why the page encoding detection in Opera 9 doesn't work in some cases (especially with Windows-1251)

For example, consider a page using Windows-1251 encoding. The page's META tag specifies Windows-1251 encoding (<META HTTP-EQUIV=....>). Assume that you send a request for it and the encoding specified in the server's reply is ISO-8859-1. Then the browser will use ISO-8859-1 to render the page and this will result in inaccurate representation of the text. This problem is very serious, as many servers do NOT properly recognize page encodings and always return one fixed encoding - e.g. ISO-8859-1.

IMHO with highest priority, when determining the page encoding should be the <META> tag of the concrete file!

With other words:
When UTF-8, read UTF-8.
When Windows-1251, read Window-1251.

P.S. Opera 8.54 does not have such a problem. It properly recognizes the page encoding using the META tag.

Re: AUTOMATIC ENCODING DETECTION problem Turbid  07/02/06 08:00 PM

I think that this bug. Is Necessary wait the new versions. - Home

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